cube letter set

    kouichi okamoto


    year : 2010

    material : paper

    package size : W220mm x H280mm

    package weight : 26g


    The cubic letter design is based on traditional Japanese Origami. The writing paper, shaped like a cube, can be blown up into a balloon.

    * cube letter sizeL 1pieces.

    125mm x 125mm x 125mm 8mm ruled line

    * cube letter sizeS 2pieces.

    65mm x 65mm x 65mm 4mm ruled line

    * original envelope 3pieces.


    price : 1,050 JPY

    set of 2 cube letter sets

    2,600 JPY

    * shipping fee 500 JPY included.

    * ships to all desitnations with shipping fee 500 JPY.